nationwide españa

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The Group’s reach was extended to Southern Europe when Nationwide España was established on 1 January 2009.

Nationwide España is based in the fertile growing region of Almería on the south coast of Spain. Almería is one of the warmest regions in Europe with an average annual temperature of 19 degrees Celsius and some 330 days of sun per year on average.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the principal economic activity for this region is greenhouse farming with millions of tonnes of vegetable crops exported around Europe and other parts of the globe each year.

Having a base in this prominent growing area has inevitably led to an increase in imports to the UK from the Almería region and throughout Spain. Nationwide España has also developed a healthy export business to Scandinavia, Germany, Ireland and Holland, and works closely with our Poeldijk office to ensure year-round supply of greenhouse crops.

Nationwide España established a grower group in 2012 with selected growers to pack in the Fresh Delight brand. This carries on from the success of the Fresh Delight brand in Holland – in the first year we only packed capsicums as a trial.

Such was the success of the trial that we have expanded the grower group to include eight more products, all greenhouse crops, to be packed in the Fresh Delight brand.