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When it comes to ingredients you need constant, consistent access to the absolute finest available, especially if you work in the food industry. Whether you’re working in catering, the restaurant sector, as a wholesaler, retailer, distributor or other, the finest ingredients will set you apart from your competitors.

And one of those ingredients is the humble carrot. Carrots are more than a standard vegetable. They’re one of the most delicious, sought-after pieces of produce on the market, and it’s essential you get carrots of the highest quality to tantalise your customers and give them an incredible amount of choice and variety.picture of carrots

You need to partner with carrot suppliers that understand your business, your budget, and your overall strategy to work with you to get the most out of your business and help it reach its potential. Consistency is key; your business can only grow if you constantly get the best carrot supplies available to you. A poor month of bad produce is one month too many, and won’t do at all.

At Nationwide Produce we have an excellent range of carrot lines that can help your business grow and impress your customers with their range of packaging and fantastic quality. Carrot brands in our range include FRESH2GO, RF Gold Pack UK carrots, Red Rose UK carrots, Chantenay carrots, and Red Star Chinese carrots, all of which offer a magnificent product at affordable prices.

“We’ve been with the Richmond Farms Grower Group since its inception in 2006. The benefits which were offered back then such as whole crop marketing and free technical advice, have been accepted and gratefully received. I can safely say we’re pleased we joined Richmond.”

Julian Perowne – Director of Jack Buck Farms

Our growers are some of the finest across the planet, and we partner with only the best growers to ensure phenomenal quality and consistency with our vegetables. Not just when it comes to carrots either; we’re able to provide a huge breadth of fruit and vegetables from salad products to more exotic produce such as passion fruit and butternut squash.picture of carrots

Our passion for farming has helped us grow from a small business in 1975 to an international food producer, distributor and supplier which is still run by all the same members of the family. Our commitment to quality produce and, most of all, our customers has been a cornerstone of our growth throughout the decades.

We’re also available to assist growers that want to join our family and who want to become carrot suppliers to Nationwide and get their own food to market. Our team believes in working closely with quality growers that believe in creating exceptional produce.

Our team will work with you to create a strategy that complements your product, and our packaging, branding and marketing solutions can help your carrots and produce get exposure in brand new markets and channels across the globe. Creating strong relationships with people has been key to our growth, and we want to help growers fulfil their potential and get their products out to a wider audience.

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Fresh Produce direct to you