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If you’re a large organisation that needs to provide a lot of food to a lot of people at once such as a school or market, or you just need to get smaller items in stock on a regular basis such as a café or restaurant, then you’ll need to reach out and find a company that works with you and won’t let you down.

We’ve been supplying companies across a huge range of industries across the globe with fresh fruit and vegetables for decades. But that’s not all we do; as well as providing the finest in fresh food and ingredients we want to partner with people and help their business become the best it can be.picture of vine tomatoes

We have our own farming operations in the UK and a number of ventures abroad which help us produce the finest fruit and vegetables, from crispy lettuce and beautiful vine tomatoes to more exotic ingredients including butternut squash, chillies, limes, and more as part of our range of nearly 200 different types of produce.

But the real appeal of our fresh produce is how closely we work with our team to keep standards high across the entirety of the chain so that our customers across all industries can have some of the most delicious produce on the planet.

Our grower group, as part of Richmond Farms, produces close to 40,000 tonnes of amazing crops internationally and continues to grow. We’re always looking to expand our operations and are always taking on new teams of growers as we strive to provide our customers with unparalleled freshness.

“We had our first net of onions from Richmond Farms back in 1999. Since then the range of products we buy from Richmond has expanded considerably and the trust in our relationship has grown with it. Like us they are a family business and hold similar values regarding customer service being paramount. They have gone that extra mile to gain a thorough understanding of our business which is important to us and beneficial for our customers. We’re pleased to have Richmond Farms as one of our major suppliers of vegetables.”

Tony Reynolds, Managing Director – Reynolds Catering Supplies Ltd

But we’re more than just a supplier of fresh food. When you’re looking to procure fresh fruit and vegetables our team will work with you to get the absolute most you can out of your budget to maximise the potential of your business.picture of carrots

Our business is in relationships as much as in providing quality ingredients, and we’ve managed to make strong relationships across the planet for decades as one of the world’s most diverse produce companies to ensure that our customers always get the very best.

And our success has come from consistency and doing everything in our power to forge good relationships with our clients, and work with them to improve their business. Whether they work in catering, distribution, wholesale, processing, or other our friendly team is always on hand to provide you with the very best in produce and first-hand advice.

We’re able to export food across the UK, across Europe, and to all areas of the globe and are always willing to hear any and every request. The base of our business isn’t just fresh fruit and vegetables; it’s in our customers and providing them with a service beyond that of our competitors.

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Fresh Produce direct to you