A H Worth.

A H Worth

We have partnered with major supplier, A H Worth (Formerly QV Foods) to provide our long-established customer base with a premium potato range directly marketed toward chefs. Potato Lovers, Chippies’ Choice and Baby Pearl brands are exclusively available at Nationwide Produce.

These well-established brands have been successful for nearly 20 years – this is down to consistency and high quality. A H Worth always strive for top-quality potatoes and fry colour from their own farms and partner grower groups.

A H Worth’s expertise in the growing and packing of potatoes is second to none. This coupled with our extensive sales and distribution network creates the perfect partnership.

These exclusive brands will be available to purchase through your Nationwide Produce account manager.

Established in 1895 on Holbeach Marsh, the Worth family farm 6,500 acres operating an 8-year sustainable rotation plan including peas, sugar beet, brassicas and of course, most importantly….spuds!

Being fourth-generation farmers, A H Worth talk with the voice of experience in identifying the right product for their grower partners. They monitor the crop from field to fork ensuring the ultimate product delivery every time.

Potato Lovers

This premium chipping potato is light, fluffy and firm in texture. The tried and tested Lovers’ potato is available washed or unwashed, with 60+ tubers and is available in a 20kg sack. It has been developed and approved by chefs, for chefs, to deliver perfect chips every time.

Our Potato Lovers range offers chefs the perfect all-round potato. Roast potatoes, Point Neuf, Rosti and chips are all possible with the Lovers washed or unwashed range.

Chippies’ Choice

A true favourite amongst the fish and chip shop trade. Chippies’ Choice is the number one, most widely recognised and trusted chipping potato on the market. Having been established for decades, the beloved Chippies’ Choice potatoes are available in a 25kg sack and guaranteed 45+ tubers.

Our Chippies’ Choice brand creates the perfect chips every time.

Baby Pearls

Our premium salad potatoes are sought after by gourmet chefs, foodies and a wide range of restaurants throughout the country for their superior taste and waxy texture. We select only the finest varieties and source from specialist partner growers to deliver the best results possible. Suitable for a wide range of culinary uses, or just boil them and enjoy their fresh wholesome taste! Available in 10kg Boxes.

Our Baby Pearl salad potatoes are another great all-rounder with the ability to roast, crush, boil or create hasselbacks.