Chantenay & Picollo

Chantenay & Picollo

Based in Nottingham, Fresh Growers are the world’s leading supplier of Chantenay carrots. After they pioneered bringing back the variety in 1998, they now supply over 90% of the UK Chantenay market.

Fresh Growers has a farming base of over 20,000 acres and nearly 2 acres of factory space from which is grows, washes, grades and packs a range of produce including Chantenay carrots and Piccolo parsnips.


Baby Chantenay carrots have been developed from a traditional sweet tasting carrot. Chantenay can be recognised by their short, triangular shape, smooth skin and bright orange colour. They do not need to be peeled or topped; they simply need to be rinsed and can be eaten whole, either raw or cooked in a variety of ways. It is the carrot alternative to salad potatoes, which means its quick, convenient and without waste in the kitchen, yet unique and appealing on the plate. Chefs love Chantenay!

Piccolo Parsnips

Piccolo (baby) Parsnips are small, sweet and tender. Two of the most unlikely facts about Piccolo are that they taste really nice raw and make great ice cream! Apparently, chefs knew this all along but like to keep it to themselves as a wow factor dish.


Nationwide are Fresh Growers main supply partner into the non-retail sector. We are proud to have worked with them, day in – day out, for over 20 years.