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Productos Frescos directos a su mesa

Debido a su continuo crecimiento y desarrollo, Nationwide Produce ha conseguido aumentar el volumen del grupo de 2.5 millones de £ en 1988 a 145 millones de £ en la actualidad.

En este tiempo el grupo ha obtenido numerosos galardones, incluyendo los premios del diario The Independent durante tres años consecutivos como una de las compañias con mayor crecimiento en el Reino Unido. El grupo Nationwide tambien ha sido galardonado con el Fresh Produce Consortium Award y el Sunday Times Export Award durante dos años consecutivos.

«Nos llevó más de 45 años reunir un equipo tan fuerte. La motivacion de nuestros empleados y su bienestar son factores clave que contribuyen a que quieran seguir trabajando en nuestra compañia. Medimos la duracion media de nuestros empleados como un indicador clave del rendimiento, del cual me siento orgulloso de que en la actualidad sea de 11 años.”

Tim O’Malley
Director General


About Bernard

If I wasn’t in produce I’d like to be….Father Christmas! I love Christmas, love family and love giving presents. I also think I’d suit the beard. Perfect!

Bernard O’Malley


About Tim

If I wasn’t in produce I’d like to be…..managing my much beloved Everton FC.

Tim O’Malley

Group Managing Director

About Patrick

If I wasn’t in produce I’d like to be….a better golfer by day and a restaurant reviewer for The Sunday Times at night!

Patrick O’Malley

Group Director & M.D. Nationwide

About Anthony

If I wasn’t in fresh produce I’d like to be…..a beer taster!

Anthony O’Malley

Group Director

About John

If John could go back in time: Concert at the MK Bowl back in 1986. Simple Minds, The Bangles, The Cult, The Waterboys among others. Blazing hot, cold beer, a few chums. Halcyon Days.

John Mann

Group Director

About Phil

If I wasn’t in fresh produce I’d like to return to being a professional Jockey, although I wasn’t very successful at it.

Phil Johnson

Group Director

About David

If I wasn’t in produce I’d like to be….Sales Director for the Tourist Board of my home town Grimsby – easiest job in the World!!

David Noton

Group Director

About Ian

If I wasn’t in fresh produce I’d like to be…..finding a cure for gout!

Ian Thornhill

M.D. Vitaal Europe

About Steve

If I wasn’t in fresh produce I’d like to be…..the owner of Matalan so I could buy even cheaper clothes.

Steve Armstrong


About Mike

If I wasn’t in fresh produce I’d like to be….a marathon runner…despite the fact I’ve been doing it for years and my knees are shot!

Mike Murray

Group Financial Director

About Rafa

What four items would you take to a desert island? No question! Solar panel, big TV, satellite and my Real Betis t-shirt, we are back in La Liga, Go Betis!

Rafa Lopez

M.D. Nationwide Espana

About Robert

If I wasn’t in fresh produce…. I would watch sports & Netflix all day every day!

Robert Voskamp


About Scott

If I wasn’t in fresh produce…I would of liked to add to my Four Rugby Union Caps for Tanzania

Scott Hollins

Divisional M.D. Vitaal Evesham