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Getting the right food and ingredients to your business is essential when you’re working in the food services industry, whether as a caterer, a restaurant, a supermarket, or other professional service. As well as finding incredible produce, it also helps to work with a company that understands your business and won’t let you down when you need them.

It’s one of the reasons we’ve grown at Nationwide Produce since we were first established as Bernard O’Malley & Co in 1975. We’re one of the UK’s largest producers and distributors of food because we not only understand how important quality ingredients are, but also how essential it is for clients to get the best service at all times.picture of grapes

Our team from the top to the bottom at Nationwide Produce works not just for the customer but with them, too. We do everything we can to get an understanding of your business and its needs, to fulfil your budget’s potential and help your business grow and succeed as best it can.

And one of the key ways we can help businesses grow is by providing and distributing the finest ingredients and most delicious fruit and vegetables, from iceberg lettuce grown in the most fantastic climates of Spain to more exotic ingredients such as asparagus, chillies, and butternut squash.

“Our relationship with Vitaal Europe has enabled us to penetrate the UK market by utilising their extensive customer base and excellent logistical services.
Through them we are able to get our products delivered fresh, every day, to any destination in the UK. They have a widespread customer base and a team keen on promoting our products. For us, Vitaal are a perfect working solution for getting our products onto the international market.”

Miranda, Henk & Daniëlle Overkleeft, Biostar

Our international ventures that we have developed over the years and the relationships we’ve built with growers and suppliers means we have access to a truly stunning and broad range of fruit and vegetables that we can make available for clients.

Our relationships and distribution channels mean we’re also always looking for other producers to partner with; wholesalers and growers for instance that are looking to take their own products to new global markets and are looking for a distributor to help them market themselves.picture of peas in pod

Nationwide Produce is able to offer a full crop marketing service for our growers and bespoke packing and labelling services for our customers via our Vitaal Europe arm. We can also help with branding and your wider strategy to help you make an impact with your produce and introduce yourselves to a whole new audience and market for your needs.

The conditions of our growing operations in our European ventures are some of the finest in the industry all year round, which makes us an excellent option for businesses in the food sector looking to secure the best ingredients for their customers.

For growers looking to get their crops out to a whole new market or for companies across the food industry looking for the best international produce our distribution networks are amongst the freshest in the industry, and we’d love to work with you to help your business grow with the tastiest produce available

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Fresh Produce direct to you