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People sometimes like to import fresh fruit and vegetables as part of their overall strategy no matter what area of the food services they work in, whether it’s catering, wholesale, retail, processing  or other area that requires quality ingredients.

But when you’re importing fruit and vegetables it’s absolutely essential to use the right supplier to make sure you get not only the best ingredients, but that they arrive to you in impeccable condition on a consistent basis that never lets you down.picture of vine tomatoes

Nationwide Produce is a truly international fruit and vegetable importer. We have footholds across Europe and excellent global relations with growers, suppliers, and a huge number of influential people across the food chain. That’s not to blow our own trumpet; key to our business is keeping great relationships with the right people to get the very best produce for our clients.

We started in 1975 and have grown massively over the decades thanks to our commitment to fresh, quality produce and helping growers and brands be the absolute best they can be with our marketing efforts and access to global food import and export channels.

Thanks to our hard work over the years we’ve been able to source from phenomenal growers across the world that understand what it means to produce fruit and vegetables that set incredibly high standards.

For instance our European produce is grown in magnificent conditions to ensure only the highest quality and the best results throughout the year. Our Spanish arm, Nationwide Espana, is based in Almeria on the south coast where there is on average 330 days of sun a year and warm temperatures, giving amazing growing conditions for our crops throughout the season.

Since the beginning of Solvit Handling, they have carried out all our handling. Besides handling Solvit also does cross-docking, grading and packing. Solvit handles our pallets with great care and attention to detail. The ideal partner for us!”

Darek Kruk – BiCofresh Director
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We’re also able to provide packaging, branding, and marketing solutions for growers that are looking to import the finest ingredients and need an all-in-one solution when it comes to providing their clients with delicious fruits and vegetables.

Our office and huge warehouse & cold-storage facility in Holland is based next to the busiest port in Europe – Rotterdam. We also provide an extensive range of exotic produce for the adventurous that want the very best in passion fruit, butternut squash, limes, chillies, and many more ingredients besides. Most of this is imported on a daily basis by air-freight into Heathrow.

Our product diversity has been one of the main reasons for our growth throughout the years as well as our commitment to customer detail. When it comes to investing in food for your business you can’t afford to settle for second best.

Our access to the finest products worldwide allows us to provide you with a bespoke import service that works for the needs of your business and your budget, and helps your business grow.

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Fresh Produce direct to you