Nationwide Sponsors Southport Meols Rotary Youth Speak Competition

by | Feb 11, 2020 | News

Bernard O’Malley (on behalf of Nationwide Produce PLC) has been presented with a cup and picture book of the evening in gratitude from the members of Southport Meols Rotary for the kind and generous sponsorship of the (2019) Krishnan Cup Youth Speaks Competition.

In this year’s youth speaks competition, four school teams competed for the right to win the Krishnan Cup.

The schools competing were:

Birkdale High School
Christ the King Catholic High School
Greenbank High School
Stanley High School

The format of the competition has now changed, rather than the competitors talk about a subject that they all agree on the format is now by way of a debate.
The chairperson introduces each member of their team and then one speaks in favour of a subject that they feel strongly about, then the other team member explains their opposite view.
This new format has proved quite refreshing allowing the audience to appreciate how the competitors put across their differing points of view.

A successful evening saw Greenbank High School win the competition, well done and congratulations.

Greenbank High School winners of the junior section of the youth speaks competition

Winners of the junior section of the youth speaks competition Greenbank High School with Peter Parkinson, President of Southport Meols Rotary