Poeldijk becomes a Bonded Warehouse

by | Jul 30, 2015 | News

Recently at Vitaal Europe, our cold-storage, trans-shipping and packing facility in Poeldijk, Holland, has been licensed by the Dutch customs as a ‘bonded warehouse’.

Now this wasn’t an easy license to obtain, but we would say it was well worth the effort it took as it will definitely save time in the future, and potentially reduce duty costs.
What this all basically means is, as well as receiving our own imports directly, we can also offer this service to third parties as we can receive your non-EU goods before they have even been customs cleared.

The benefits of this is not only does it speed up the process of receiving imported goods, but it also means you can defer any duty payable until the point of sale.
As well as this, it also means consignments can be cleared in their entirety or in batches as per release and goods can also easily be moved onto other non-EU destinations ‘in transito’, which means when applicable they can be sold duty free.

For more information on this please contact Ian Thornhill directly at our Poeldijk office on +31 (0)174 639060 or ian@vitaaleurope.com.