vitaal europe

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Vitaal was originally established as the Dutch arm of Nationwide Produce Plc – it encompasses imports of many types and varieties of produce from worldwide sources.

The Dutch side of the business is now known as Vitaal Europe and has offices in Poeldijk near Rotterdam and Emmen in the north of the Netherlands. The Poeldijk office is situated in the Westland region, the heart of glasshouse salad production in the Netherlands.

In addition to our sales office, we have our own cold-storage, pre-packing and order-picking facility in Poeldijk that is BRC Storage & Distribution certified.

Our team in Poeldijk offers a wide range of produce and work in conjunction with our Spanish office to ensure a year-round supply of greenhouse crops. As well as providing produce in standard packaging, we are able to offer a bespoke packing, pallet-collation, labelling and cold-storage services to clients.

The Emmen office is situated in the North East of the Netherlands in the Drenthe region. Here our team specialise in the sales and procurement of open field products. Whilst the UK is an important market for them, the majority of sales are made into mainland and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

The office is situated very close to the German border where we have some of the largest cauliflower and iceberg producers in Europe. These products, together with onions, cabbage, Chinese leaves, broccoli and carrots form the basis of the business.

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