modern slavery statement

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

We firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to work in a respectful, professional and caring environment. All of our employees have a personal responsibility for maintaining a respectful working environment free of abusive or unprofessional conduct.

Our commitment to respect in the workplace extends beyond our group of companies and includes working with our suppliers to support a fair and respectful workplace for all. Working with our suppliers we promote ethical principles and practices with the aim of preventing the exploitation and abuse associated with slavery and human trafficking worldwide. We expect commitment to these principles from our whole supply-chain and will not support or knowingly do business with organisations involved in slavery or human trafficking. We also have an anti-slavery statement built into the Job Descriptions of all our trading staff.

This statement has been approved by our Board of Directors.


Director’s name: Tim O’Malley

Position: Group Managing Director

Published 30 December 2016
Last Reviewed 23 March 2021