Our Brands.

We carefully select growers whom we have worked with for some time, and through experience we feel will maintain the quality, continuity, and the integrity of an exclusive brand to Nationwide.

For example, Fresh Delight is our exclusive trademarked brand that we’ve promoted for over 20 years to build a recognised brand that represents consistency, quality, and premium price. AH Worth and Albert Bartlett chose us to exclusively market their top branded produce to the UK Food-Service and Wholesale sectors.

Coregeo chose us as their only licensee to market their enormously popular Tenderstem broccoli to the UK foodservice sector. We struck a deal with Fresh Growers in 2022 to become their primary partner for non-retail sales of Chantenay carrots in UK and for export abroad. We work closely with all these companies to promote their brands directly to chefs in particular through social media.

“It takes a long time to build a brand but only one wrong delivery to ruin it! Therefore, we carefully select growers whom we have worked with for some time and through experience, we feel will maintain the quality, continuity and integrity of an exclusive brand partnership with Nationwide.”

Bernard O’Malley – Chairman

Fresh Delight

Our own exclusive trademarked brand for a full range of Dutch and Spanish grown salad products. Only Class 1 produce from proven quality assured growers is packed in this mark, giving the customer confidence of a regular supply of quality ingredients and products.

Albert Bartlett

We have partnered with Albert Bartlett to provide chefs with a premium range of products that deliver year-round consistency. The Albert Bartlett inspired by James Martin frozen range and the chef signature range are exclusively available at Nationwide Produce.

Oh Baby

This is our baby leaf brand which is packed in Leamington Spa. The Oh Baby range holds a mixture of varieties such as Baby Leaf Mix, WaterCress, Rocket as well as individual varieties such as Batavia and Chard, Bulls’ Blood.

Potato Lovers

Potato Lovers is a premium chipping potato developed and approved by chefs, for chefs, to deliver perfect chips every time. The tried and tested Lovers’ potato is available washed or unwashed, with +65mm tubers and is available in a 20kg sack.

Chippies’ Choice

Chippies’ Choice is a true favourite amongst the fish and chip shop trade. Chippies’ Choice is the number one, most widely recognised and trusted chipping potato on the market. The beloved Chippies’ potatoes are available in a 25kg sack and guaranteed 45+ tubers.

Baby Pearl

Our Baby Pearl premium salad potatoes are sought for their superior taste and waxy texture. The brand uses the finest varieties from specialist partner growers to deliver the best results possible. Baby Pearl potatoes are available in 10kg boxes.


Tenderstem® broccoli is an exciting alternative to broccoli. It can be cooked in a variety of ways, and it pairs well with almost anything. It has a sweet, delicate, nutty flavour, similar to asparagus, all wrapped up in a gorgeous crunch.

Baby Chantenay carrots

Baby Chantenay carrots have been developed from a traditional sweet tasting carrot. It has gathered a diverse following of consumers who are never disappointed with its good value, consistent quality and all year around availability.

Piccolo Parsnips

Piccolo Parsnips are small, sweet and tender. It is a favourite amongst chefs because of the versatility and reliability – They never taste woody or old. Piccolo Parsnips are available from October to March and are grown, picked and packed in Nottinghamshire.

SPEAR IT is our own exclusive brand of class 1 premium 100% British asparagus. Available from late April to early June, SPEAR IT is hand-harvested daily and grown within 5 miles of our Evesham facility in the Vale of Evesham.

Sweet potatoes

Premium sweet potatoes with a delicious bright orange flesh. Their sweet flavour makes them ideal for sweet or savoury dishes. The Eagle range is packed and sourced in America and favoured by our American customers.


Our Falcon range of premium sweet potatoes consists of the Beauregard and Covington varieties. This range is sourced from Egypt, Spain and Portugal and is favoured by our British and European customers.

RF Blue

The RF Blue bag only contains the UK’s best graded, bright looking, tasty superb quality carrots grown in Lancashire, Nottinghamshire or Scotland.


Premium Quality Yellow flesh bakers with bright skin finish and excellent cooking qualities. Grown, picked and packed in Lancashire.


This is our premium quality Brown and Red onions brand. They are selected and packed in Goldfield brand boxes at our pack house in Long Sutton.


Our premium brand of packed parsnips was established in 2008. Fresh2Go has a strong following in both England and Europe with our Dutch Office being the main importer of this particular brand.