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Richmond Farms

We have our own farming operations in East Anglia growing just over 700 acres of root crops – this forms part of our Richmond Farms grower group.

Richmond Farms started life in 1991 as a separate division of Nationwide set up to focus on the brand-marketing of veg to the non-retail sector through its trading teams in Lincs and Lancs.

In 2006 Richmond Farms expanded to include a grower group, which now grows around 52,000 tonnes of onions in East Anglia. The largest member of the group is Nationwide’s own farming operation growing in excess of 15,000 tonnes of root crops on 700 acres in East Anglia.

The benefits of membership to Richmond Farms include free agronomy advice, long-term payment deals on the purchase of seed and a commitment from Richmond to market the whole crop. 

Having our own farming operation keeps us tuned in to the seasonal challenges of growing vegetables in the main production area of the country. It also gives us first-hand knowledge of growing costs, which affords us the ability to negotiate with our customers and growers from a position of knowledge and experience.

Our commitment to high standards in farming, complemented with our import and export relationships with some of the world’s finest growers, has helped us to provide consistently top-quality produce for our customers.

Our own farming operation is LEAF, Tesco Nurture, Red Tractor & GlobalGAP certified which is a large indicator of the quality and attention to detail we put into the crops we grow ourselves.

The Richmond Farms brand is now well established as one of the best-known and respected brands in Europe for UK vegetables.

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