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Nationwide Produce PLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nationwide Produce Holdings PLC. Solvit Handling, Vitaal, Vitaal Europe, Vitaal Fruit, Nationwide España and Richmond Farms are all divisions of Nationwide Produce PLC. Anglia Partnership is a 50/50 joint venture between Nationwide Produce PLC QV Foods Ltd.

With six locations in England and an office in Belfast, we are ideally placed to procure and sell produce throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our Spanish office has opened up export routes from Southern Spain into Northern Europe while our Emmen office has established a sizeable business in Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

The Rotterdam production facility is strategically located on one of the biggest produce industrial estates in Europe and nearby the busiest port in Europe giving us access to globally-sourced produce.

Ireland has become our biggest export market from the UK and in the last financial year we supplied 55 customers throughout Ireland, many of them on a daily basis. “When we were preparing for Brexit, we soon realised that having our own trading company registered in Ireland could be advantageous,” said Group Managing Director, Tim O’Malley. “It would help reduce both time and cost on export documentation. It was a long and tedious process to set up a company in Dublin as the Irish government won’t simply accept a post box address – they insist on a physical office and proof you already carry out a sufficient level of business over there – but we got there in the end and NWP Ireland is now up and running in Dublin.”

The group though always has been and always will be a family business at heart. Our success hasn’t come overnight; we’ve spent decades building the right relationships to complement our services and to create the absolute strongest team possible for the benefits of our customers.

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