Fresh Delight.

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Fresh Delight

Fresh Delight is our own exclusive trademarked brand for a full range of Dutch and Spanish-grown salad products that we can provide to anybody in the food industry, whether they’re retailers, wholesalers, caterers, food-service, or other.

Originally only used for round tomatoes, Fresh Delight’s success led us to roll it out to include a variety of other products, namely capsicums, cucumbers, cherry vine tomatoes, and lately also iceberg lettuce and Chinese leaves.

Only Class 1 produce from proven quality assured growers is packed in this mark, giving the customer confidence of a regular supply of quality ingredients and products throughout the year.

Our Fresh Delight products have been a hit with clients throughout the food industry, and the quality of our growing partnerships always ensures incredible consistency and freshness.

Our customers will only be able to grow and succeed with top-quality ingredients, which is why we strive to provide the absolute best produce available with our Fresh Delight range.