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Fresh Produce direct to you

Since we began in 1975 Nationwide Produce has grown to become a name synonymous with excellent produce and the finest ingredients produced on a truly global scale, which includes our Red & Fresh Delight brands and Richmond Farms growing operation. But we’ve only been able to grow as much as we can thanks to our commitment to offering the finest produce all year round. Consistency has been key to our expansion over the years and we wouldn’t be anywhere without the fantastic quality of the food we provide.

We’re able to provide fresh produce as simple as delicious salad ingredients including iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers; to more exotic ingredients for the adventurous including passion fruit, guanabana, chillies, persimmons, durian, and many more besides.

Alongside our produce are brands that have captured the imagination of the market and given customers consistent quality and incredible taste. Our premium Goldfield carton onions for instance; our La Cabrette range provides the finest French salad potatoes available while the Chantenay brand supplies incredibly sweet-tasting mini carrots.

Quality is just as important as consistency, and it’s something we look for when we partner with growers across the globe that want to become part of our family and bring their own ingredients to market.

But we only offer food with our customers in mind. We’re more than just a family grower; our mission statement is to provide phenomenal food, produce, and ingredients to our customers so they can provide the same exceptional quality to their clients and help their business grow.