Fresh Produce direct to you

As time has passed at Nationwide Produce we’ve invested heavily in our own production plants, equipment, facilities and staff to bring things in-house and provide an even better service for our clients.

One of our production facilities is based in Long Sutton and is part of our joint venture with QV Foods Ltd called the Anglia Growing Partnership (AGP). AGP is one of our crowning jewels and is essential in our onion grading and packing process.

AGP has helped us to automate a lot of the work to speed up our operations while keeping a consistently high standard of production. Equipment at Long Sutton includes a robotic stacker and a netting line, complemented by vertical form-fill production lines and grading machinery.

Meanwhile over at Poeldijk, NL, our Solvit Handling arm is a cold storage, order-picking and pallet-collation production facility. Poeldijk has four cold stores and six loading docks, and is on one of the largest fresh produce industrial estates in Europe.

Not only does this help us with our own food production and delivery services, but it also helps our growers, partners, and our clients. We’re continually expanding and looking for new partnerships at Nationwide Produce, and can provide production services for your business if you’re looking to outsource.

Our production facilities and services can help keep produce fresh and in fantastic condition. Our team understand how important working with third-party clients is, and we’ll go above and beyond to help your business grow and help get the most out of your budget.