Spear It.

Spear It

We are delighted to present our new and exclusive 100% British asparagus brand, SPEAR IT. Available from late April to Early June, SPEAR IT is hand-harvested daily and grown within 5 miles of our Evesham facility in the Vale of Evesham.

We wanted to offer our valued customers a more uniformed brand experience, with the same packaging and quality day in and day out. This led to the creation of SPEAR IT, the freshest asparagus on the market exclusively available through Nationwide Produce PLC.

Offered in premium rustic packaging, the 12 x 250gr Class 1 asparagus is perfect for restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses. The premium wrapped and graded rounds of asparagus are an ideal choice for those looking to offer their customers the very best in British produce.

SPEAR IT British Asparagus is a highly sought-after seasonal delicacy that can be enjoyed exclusively from late April to early June. Due to its seasonality, it is imperative that we fully appreciate and savour its distinct flavour. The season typically commences with covered crops and transitions to outdoor crops by the 26th April.

With its unique flavour profile, ranging from earthy to subtly sweet, and its tender texture, SPEAR IT British Asparagus is a culinary delight waiting to be explored. From simple roasted dishes to elaborate gourmet creations, let your imagination soar with this remarkable ingredient.

To order our exclusive British Asparagus brand, please contact your dedicated account manager

Seasonal Availability: Late April to Early June.